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Susanna Tolini

Executive Chef

If you ask our Executive Chef, Susanna Tolini, what it means to eat better, she’ll have a lot to say.

She might say it’s about never having to choose between healthy and delicious.

She might say it’s about using the freshest, all natural ingredients – like the ones she picks out daily at New England’s largest fresh produce wholesalers when testing new and exciting flavors and recipe ideas.

And she might say it’s about keeping things interesting and exciting, which she certainly knows a lot about, as she has personally created hundreds of delicious easy recipe ideas for out 20+ al fresco gourmet flavors.

We’ve been honored to have Susanna as Executive Chef since 2007.

Her esteemed background includes graduating magna cum laude from Johnson & Wales School of Culinary Arts, and earning the title of Certified Research Chef from the Research Chefs Association, an accolade only 77 chefs nationwide can lay claim to.

She first made a name for herself as co-owner and chef at Le Bocage, which ranked among the finest French restaurants in the Boston area and was once described by The Boston Globe as “one of a handful of places that changed the way Bostonians thought about restaurants and about food.”

Innovative, creative, and passionate about great food, Susanna is the living embodiment of the al fresco brand.

susanna tolini
susanna tolini